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Okay. I am tired of seeing wank about this line on my dash because the quietly brilliant supahero76 pointed this out to me today and I think she is TOTALLY right…

Kurt’s line: You know, Blaine, sometimes I think we talk too much

Is about SEX. Kurt was irritated about the porn in a context of feeling badly about Blaine not wanting to HAVE SEX with him.

Blaine, I think we TALK too much is saying  - We TALK too much, and PLAY too little…

Really, I think it is that simple.

So is klaine's performance for June going to be story of my life?

I think so. I’d be surprised if there are two klaine duets in the same episode - so yes, that would be my guess.

I know you've been asked this before, but I was wondering if you have some extra information about the season finale? I just need to know to cope emotionally, because there's still a lot of hope on my dash but you speak as if you know, and you were right last time.

I have absolutely no extra information about klaine in the season finale. NONE. 

THIS is what Ryan Murphy said:

'You’ve seen a lot more of the Kurt and Blaine relationship, and we’re heading toward what’s going to happen to them, you know, and they’re pretty much having trouble every episode. We’re also going to be dealing with the Sam and Mercedes relationship, so all these things are sort of building to a head in episode twenty, a sort of big, natural… I would say explosion is too harsh of a word, but something big happens and then the final season is the aftermath of that.'

He also said that season 6 is in a new location, with a time jump. 

I cannot speak for your dash - but most people on my dash seem to think there is a good chance of a break up with a reunion arc. 

I only speculate from known spoilers - not based on what I want or what I think ‘should’ happen  - that’s what I got.

What do you all think RM must mean here? (And yes, i saw his tweet, and darren’s and chord’s - trolling and poking fun at us, in my opinion. And yes, RM shouldn’t have said that craftily worded ‘untrue’ if there is a break up  - but alas - I’m not him. Much as people like to think so).

Small rant: I actually went on twitter today and did you know that my pure fan-made speculation is apparently a hot topic of rage? But it’s discussed as if I’m giving out spoilers. It is SUPER WEIRD to have speculation (which like everyone and their dog engages in) be treated like it’s canon…I am always clear that I’m speculating and I have said infinite times that I am OFTEN wrong (and would LOVE to be wrong on this). But the funny thing is, my speculation gets the crazies riled, I think because I must often get things right…

I’m just a fan in Toronto, Canada who likes deductive reasoning. That’s it. 

And if the Glee gods are kind to us, then I’ll be wrong. But I’m an honest speculator and I only have what I have.

What are your thoughts on the whole Daleastreet business? Just a friendship that happens to get attention more now or do you think they are promoting the primary focus of season 6 with that friendship already? It gets "promoted" by all three parties, additionally Ryan spoke of Lea, Darren and Chord having had more focus in the past and it sounds like that won't change. Also some quote made it sound like Rachel's story will merge with Klaine's and Samcedes in the finale. Your thoughts?

I have a few thoughts on this…

My guess is that it started as a true organic joke - they were out for lunch and tweeted some pics just having fun and they thought it was funny. They were in fact, out to lunch. On a day where they were on set together. I have never known Glee to in any way have its actors do things socially as promotion. They’re all friends and they were hanging so this tongue in cheek ship name was born.

It could be they also knew/now know that the three of them will be the first ones in the new location (amber?? Maybe) - so why not promote it? (And I don’t think BTW that it means they are going to have the ‘primary’ focus - I do think RM’s quote did indicate that these three are going to continue to be big regulars, but really - Chris is one of those too - and I would expect he’d get more than Sam, for example. Unless he has a project nobody knows about that Glee agreed to that is going to cut his Glee time substantially - and I have no indication of this - Chris is for sure one of the heavies too). So it may just be they are trying to create the chemistry to promote this idea of the three of them in a new location together.(And again, we’re all guessing about it being the three of them)

And yeah, RM said that the klaine, samcedes, and rachel stories will converge in the finale. 

I think they like each other and are going to be acting a lot together so they’re running with it now…I don’t think it’s very calculated. Just kind of happened and works. So like - promotion in a loose sense.

Behind the Scenes of “Opening Night”

Hilary submitted:

Are you concerned about the fact that Klaine is the new Finchel (break-up to pursue their own careers) and Samcedes is the new Klaine (get married and have kids)?  I am prepared for this break-up, but I want better for Klaine than the full Finchel ending where they aren’t together until the last couple of episodes.  Not sure I can survive 20 more eps of them apart even if they are “finding each other again.”

Gleekto says:

I am not really concerned about this. I know we love to make our parallels but I don’t think we can be too literal about klaine becoming finchel and certainly not samcedes becoming klaine.  

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What was your first time like?

This really was a beautiful scene, beautifully acted.


oh this sounds pretty iffy to me….popcorn indeed

Gossip Cop is claiming that Naya was upset about other stuff and that Lea wasn’t even involved. So yeah, I’m getting the popcorn ready. LOL I will say that based on Ryan’s interviews the other day and some of his tweets, I got the impression that Naya wasn’t going to be a regular next season but maybe that was just me reading into it.

Yes. You know, I’m going to delete all these posts about this gossipy stuff other than this one…Because I think the last point here is important (and less dramatic - lol).

In addition to not mentioning Santana at all as a player next season in his big press conference, and Naya’s evasion of the question and interviews suggesting Santana is sort of done, in RM’s tweets during Glee along, when someone suggested Santana speak to her abuela again, he tweeted that it was a great idea and ADDED the hashtag #santanaclosure….

Of course that could be storyline specific, but I thought it was telling. VERY unclear to me that Santana is in season 6. 

I didn't feel nearly as negatively about the episode as a lot of the people on my dash, but the one thing that really bothered me was Blaine's second voice over where he talks about being jealous of Kurt. I just thought it was really oddly written, because instead of just saying "Kurt's getting this attention and thriving in a way that I'm not and it makes me uncomfortable", he was kind of insulting, saying "I was always fawned over and Kurt was, well...kurt." What's your take on that?

I think this is a really understandable response (as you know, I absolutely loved the episode, and loved the anger and the attempts at communication, but I agree, Blaine’s self talk was mean).

And for me - this was all Blaine’s anger. I don’t know of any real person in a real long term relationship that doesn’t sort of descend into assholery (at least in their head) on occasion when angry and feeling bad about yourself and not feeling appreciated. This was Blaine  - whiny and angry - ‘why is HE so hot now. Why isn’t it me??’ - Which is part of one of those things people sometimes go through in life. Blaine has always been a HUGE supporter of Kurt. He even said it amidst his negative self talk  - ‘I always knew he could be a leading man, but others didn’t’ - and that’s true. But all I could hear in the rest of that was Blaine lashing out in his head. He was feeling jealous.

So yeah - I didn’t like what he said. But been there. Done that. Even when I totally know it isn’t true.

Love watching them get complicated and real.


Sometimes the stars align and the timing works out perfectly, and so many lucky things happen all at once, and the most wonderfully improbable thing comes together and it’s a dream come true. This is the story of how I saw Chris Colfer filming a song for Glee.

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I keep seeing posts discussing what Rachel might sing for her tv pilot audition in 5.20….I have no idea, and ‘On My Own’ certainly fits thematically, BUT I must point out that her audition is actually in 5.18, NOT 5.20. She is getting a bad rep by 5.19 for having skipped a show of Funny Girl to audition….

Forgive me. Type A. But the audition is in 5.18. Whether on or off screen. I expect she gets the part in 5.20….