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Glee will be filming at the Cravens Estate (Dalton set) on September 12, 15, and 16 for episodes 6x01 and 6x02



Glee Season 6 Spoilers: Casting begins this week for the 5 new McKinley High sophomores set to populate the Rachel Berry led New Directions.

Details inside.

MJ has a little new info.

I’ve been casually watching various reactions to the general spoiler that Glee is returning to Lima, Rachel et al to run ND, probably Blaine with Warblers etc…As I’ve said before, I’m pretty chill as I accepted long ago that Glee NYC would be no more (creys but I accept it), whatever the situation, I want the cast in the same location (no split narrative generally), etc…So I’m cool.

But anyways, a constant comment I’m seeing is “How could these big dreamers (Kurt, Rachel, Blaine etc….) let themselves go back to Lima? How could they end up in Lima? That’s so unrealistic. They need to be taking on the world.  It would never happen etc…”

So I want to put out there that my thinking has always been that they are all coming back for a specific reason - to revive the Glee clubs/arts in schools/give back to the place that meant something to them blah blah…But I imagine that the plan for most of the characters is not to stay forever. My own guess is that they will succeed (spoiler alert - it happens! Glee club revived!) and at end of series, some, if not most, of the characters, run off to off screen dreams we will never see…

So yeah. I never really considered the idea of ‘everyone moves permanently back home to Lima’ as a possibility. Just that they all come home to achieve this goal together and then off they go…

Curtain falls.

Question: There’s a Glee rumor going around that Rachel will return to Lima to relaunch New Directions — is it true? —Kelly

Ausiello: Actually, that rumor happens to be… true! We will, however, find out what became of the TV pilot she was developing with Bob’s Burgers‘ Kristen Schaal and Community‘s Jim Rash. We might even catch a glimpse of the final product. (I’m guessing its failure is what leads to the homecoming.)

Sounds like Kristin from e!online talked to Chord at the red carpet for a movie premiere he was at last night. There is virtually nothing here but I’ll summarize:

1. Chord is back as a series regular and he assumes he’s in all 13 eps

2. Sam will be at McKinley in Lima.

3. The article reiterated that Lea, Chris, and Darren are back, and that Naya is back in a reduced role.

4. The writers are 3-4 eps into writing (thanks Tirpse!)

honestly I just cringe at the ridiculous tweets to whomever..this time joaquin..

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So there’s a new gay guy character and TVLine didn’t even try to make him a threat to Kurt and Blaine? Are you losing your groove TVLine?

I guess a highschool sophomore in the context of mid-twenties klaine is too unlikely even for their website.

And you know, not all gay characters need to end up in love triangles with each other. But come on, Ausiello, I’m counting on you to find a way….

The repopulation of McKinley High has begun!

Glee is set to introduce at least five new characters — all of them McKinley sophomores — in its sixth and final season, TVLine has learned exclusively. The recurring newbies include:

RODERICK | Chubby and shy with a voice like Otis Redding, his looks don’t match with his talent. Described as, “a true goober.” He’s the show’s new underdog.

SPENCER | He’s the new resident “football stud” who just so happens to possess an incredible voice. He’s also gay. But, per the casting notice, “he’s post-Glee gay — no one messes with him about his sexuality because he will kick their asses if they do.”

JANE | Righteous, ambitious and unconventionally pretty, she’s funny because she doesn’t have much of a sense of humor. She wanted to be a Warbler but tradition kept her from joining so she jumps ship to the New Directions.

MASON AND MADISON |  Male and female twin Cheerios. They’re super-positive and extremely weird. Mason gives off a gay vibe (spoiler alert: he’s not).

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If there’s a time jump and we have the originals teaching at McKinley or otherwise being adults in town, of course there have to be new kids who are there to show the change the originals helped create.

This is exactly how I feel. We already knew they were going back to Lima to reprise various ‘teaching’ roles - These are the necessary ‘gang’ to tell that story of the triumph of the Glee clubs. 

The writers are wrapping things up, not trying to grow characters. But isn’t it obvious that they had to cast new students? 

I’m a little surprised at any surprise at this. Seriously, you didn’t think it was just going to be Rachel teaching an empty choir room, right?

We should all know by now that a recurring character on Glee can be as little as two lines  - in this case, I expect them, as lft said, to demonstrate the change that the originals created. Even starting with the description of football guy as ‘post-Glee gay’….

To be honest, for me at least, in a lot of ways, my fave characters are largely self actualized (that doesn’t mean that new stories couldn’t be told as adults - I’d kill for it and Glee NYC is my heart) but they’ve grown up and they’re there as of 5.20. I feel they all have a triumph of emotional success that I look for in Glee. 

So the writers chose a final 13 eps that showcases the changes they helped create (along with a wedding PLEASE writers)…I’m in.

[Mark Salling and Denyse Tontz] might collaborate on something before he shoots Glee again in August.” Appearing on the final season of the show is “a little sad,” says Salling. “I’ll never really be ready to move on, and I couldn’t be more appreciative.
Us Weekly (via januarium)

Hey there, thought this might interest you. Remember that guy from Facebook that claimed he was about to have a chemistry test with Lea? Well, a friend congratulated him for landing a role on Glee and on his imdb page he is listed for 3 eps for season 6 as a Matthew Carter.



Edit: His imdb page suggests the episodes are 6.01, 6.03, and 6.05 - though he lists them as ‘rumored’.


OK. I just got an “I forgot to add” update from the source.

Jenna Ushkowitz is not returning as a regular, but she will come back for 3-4 episodes along with Amber Riley and Naya Rivera.

So were the sophomores told they won't be needed at all for S6/there's no chance or is it just that right now they have no plans for them/haven't told them they're needed?


They were told there are no plans to use them in any of the episodes. But that all decisions are subject to change.


Sorry! I already have a correction to make concerning the newbies. NONE of them have been asked to return. Also, expect Naya and Amber Riley to return for 3-4 episodes.

All of the other regulars: Chord Overstreet, Kevin McHale, Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, Darren Criss—are returning.

Note: The article also newly reports that the rumour on the street is now 14 episodes and that filming will start on September 3 as the writers wanted more time (this was changed from what was supposed to be mid-August apparently).