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Glee Cast - Lovefool (Glee Cast Version)
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Lovefool (Glee Cast Version)



Exclusive: Listen to Lea Michele Sing “Lovefool” on Glee


Glee tackles a ’90s favorite in this Tuesday’s episode, and we have an exclusive first listen of Rachel Berry’s rendition of The Cardigans’ “Lovefool.” Lea Michele re-creates the classic tune in the big Rachel-centric episode, “Opening Night,” though we doubt she belts it out in the middle of her Broadway debut in Funny Girl. In addition to her New York City gang of Gleeks, she has special guests in town for opening night, including Mr. Schue, Sue, Santana, Tina, and more. Though superstar Rachel tackles this track solo, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some pals singing or dancing backup when the episode airs. Listen to the exclusive track below and feel the ’90s nostalgia wash over you. And if that’s not enough to satisfy your Glee love, check out even more at the official music site.

This is so. much. fun.

Three solos is a lot for anyone, but it makes sense that this is A Very Rachel Episode.

And it seems that this is the song she performs during her dream sequence, at least the picture they posted along with the song suggests so. All the demons of her past, and she’s signigng “Love me love me love me” to them. I am very interested in how that plays out.

Lisa submitted:

I think the problem with that last episode is that many of us went into it thinking that a break-up is imminent. We can’t know for sure, but it doesn’t look great. I feel like if we didn’t have that looming over our heads then it could have been viewed as growth - they are talking about their problems, and they’re certainly not resolved, but they’re getting there. If they break-up, though, what these fights read like is that, though they’re trying, they’re not actually accomplishing anything, because at the end of the day they can’t make it work. I realize that that can be viewed as a positive step for some, as in perhaps they take a break to work on themselves, lest their relationship completely disintegrate. But I also kind of think that it doesn’t really feel like anything is being strengthened, when it seems like it’s just about to fail, if that makes sense. (For the record, I love that they are getting challenges to face, and I want them to deal with their shit. Mostly it just makes me sad that people, both fans and haters alike, think that any bump in the relationship means that they no longer belong together. That part sucks, lol)

Gleekto says:

So I 100% agree that a major factor affecting a lot of fandom reaction to 5.16 was RM’s foreboding sounding interview hours before - When I re-watch as honestly as possible, the material itself suggests real growth and development and communication and connection. But it’s hard to digest that on its own, if, as you say, we all think a break up is coming. (And like I said in the other post, who knows? But yes, like many others, RM didn’t make it sound like rainbows and sunshine).

Having said that, and given the obvious growth, I do wonder if whatever might break them up if they break up, is more like an external factor and that it’s amicable  - job opportunity somewhere else, wanting to find each other again when they’re older - whatever. Something loving rather than terrible. This is all assuming a break up of course. 

Because my honest reading of this arc for them is exactly what Brad F said - tested and strengthened. I see it so plainly. 

Glee Cast - I'm the Greatest Star (Glee Cast Version)
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I’m the Greatest Star (Glee Cast Version)

Until we know more…this is the last I’m saying about the season finale…

So my ask box is a bit amusing at the moment - I have asks full of spec giving other possibilities or further possibilites to what Ryan Murphy might be hinting at for the season finale - I”m making this post instead of answering them…In no particular order, here are the thoughts about what RM might mean:

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April 18, 2014 x


April 18, 2014 x



So is klaine's performance for June going to be story of my life?

I think so. I’d be surprised if there are two klaine duets in the same episode - so yes, that would be my guess.

I know you've been asked this before, but I was wondering if you have some extra information about the season finale? I just need to know to cope emotionally, because there's still a lot of hope on my dash but you speak as if you know, and you were right last time.

I have absolutely no extra information about klaine in the season finale. NONE. 

THIS is what Ryan Murphy said:

'You’ve seen a lot more of the Kurt and Blaine relationship, and we’re heading toward what’s going to happen to them, you know, and they’re pretty much having trouble every episode. We’re also going to be dealing with the Sam and Mercedes relationship, so all these things are sort of building to a head in episode twenty, a sort of big, natural… I would say explosion is too harsh of a word, but something big happens and then the final season is the aftermath of that.'

He also said that season 6 is in a new location, with a time jump. 

I cannot speak for your dash - but most people on my dash seem to think there is a good chance of a break up with a reunion arc. 

I only speculate from known spoilers - not based on what I want or what I think ‘should’ happen  - that’s what I got.

What do you all think RM must mean here? (And yes, i saw his tweet, and darren’s and chord’s - trolling and poking fun at us, in my opinion. And yes, RM shouldn’t have said that craftily worded ‘untrue’ if there is a break up  - but alas - I’m not him. Much as people like to think so).

Small rant: I actually went on twitter today and did you know that my pure fan-made speculation is apparently a hot topic of rage? But it’s discussed as if I’m giving out spoilers. It is SUPER WEIRD to have speculation (which like everyone and their dog engages in) be treated like it’s canon…I am always clear that I’m speculating and I have said infinite times that I am OFTEN wrong (and would LOVE to be wrong on this). But the funny thing is, my speculation gets the crazies riled, I think because I must often get things right…

I’m just a fan in Toronto, Canada who likes deductive reasoning. That’s it. 

And if the Glee gods are kind to us, then I’ll be wrong. But I’m an honest speculator and I only have what I have.

What are your thoughts on the whole Daleastreet business? Just a friendship that happens to get attention more now or do you think they are promoting the primary focus of season 6 with that friendship already? It gets "promoted" by all three parties, additionally Ryan spoke of Lea, Darren and Chord having had more focus in the past and it sounds like that won't change. Also some quote made it sound like Rachel's story will merge with Klaine's and Samcedes in the finale. Your thoughts?

I have a few thoughts on this…

My guess is that it started as a true organic joke - they were out for lunch and tweeted some pics just having fun and they thought it was funny. They were in fact, out to lunch. On a day where they were on set together. I have never known Glee to in any way have its actors do things socially as promotion. They’re all friends and they were hanging so this tongue in cheek ship name was born.

It could be they also knew/now know that the three of them will be the first ones in the new location (amber?? Maybe) - so why not promote it? (And I don’t think BTW that it means they are going to have the ‘primary’ focus - I do think RM’s quote did indicate that these three are going to continue to be big regulars, but really - Chris is one of those too - and I would expect he’d get more than Sam, for example. Unless he has a project nobody knows about that Glee agreed to that is going to cut his Glee time substantially - and I have no indication of this - Chris is for sure one of the heavies too). So it may just be they are trying to create the chemistry to promote this idea of the three of them in a new location together.(And again, we’re all guessing about it being the three of them)

And yeah, RM said that the klaine, samcedes, and rachel stories will converge in the finale. 

I think they like each other and are going to be acting a lot together so they’re running with it now…I don’t think it’s very calculated. Just kind of happened and works. So like - promotion in a loose sense.

Behind the Scenes of “Opening Night”

Hilary submitted:

Are you concerned about the fact that Klaine is the new Finchel (break-up to pursue their own careers) and Samcedes is the new Klaine (get married and have kids)?  I am prepared for this break-up, but I want better for Klaine than the full Finchel ending where they aren’t together until the last couple of episodes.  Not sure I can survive 20 more eps of them apart even if they are “finding each other again.”

Gleekto says:

I am not really concerned about this. I know we love to make our parallels but I don’t think we can be too literal about klaine becoming finchel and certainly not samcedes becoming klaine.  

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oh this sounds pretty iffy to me….popcorn indeed

Gossip Cop is claiming that Naya was upset about other stuff and that Lea wasn’t even involved. So yeah, I’m getting the popcorn ready. LOL I will say that based on Ryan’s interviews the other day and some of his tweets, I got the impression that Naya wasn’t going to be a regular next season but maybe that was just me reading into it.

Yes. You know, I’m going to delete all these posts about this gossipy stuff other than this one…Because I think the last point here is important (and less dramatic - lol).

In addition to not mentioning Santana at all as a player next season in his big press conference, and Naya’s evasion of the question and interviews suggesting Santana is sort of done, in RM’s tweets during Glee along, when someone suggested Santana speak to her abuela again, he tweeted that it was a great idea and ADDED the hashtag #santanaclosure….

Of course that could be storyline specific, but I thought it was telling. VERY unclear to me that Santana is in season 6.