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I'm excited about the spoilers, finally! I want to ask: What do you think about blaine dropping nyada? And what about Rachel's dads separating? Will the latter be a storyline on its own or maybe it's another way to show rachel at her lowest point??

Hello! I adored your tags on the spoilers. #Thisisridiculous #butsomehowIcanclearlyseethisisglee….Perfect tags!

The two things at the back of my mind that I actually haven’t talked about.

I’m actually really sad that Blaine gets kicked out of NYADA - I would have preferred he take time off to regroup or whatever (I mean, the dude was the guy chosen by their big benefactor and had a big showcase success - This is another example of about-face storytelling but I’ve accepted it to a great extent). But I imagine this is Glee being its usual extreme in situation and bringing Blaine to his lowest (off screen) so he can come back too…I just hope he does achieve a dream other than Kurt. Just as I hope Kurt achieves a dream other than Blaine. 

Having said that, I have never understood either Glee’s but ESPECIALLY fandom’s dichotomy between Kurt (in particular) and his career and Kurt and his love life…With “success’ being defined by some kind of big career break (he’s actually doing pretty great career wise tbh). In my world, emotional success of all types is always what counts. And love - in all its forms (friendship, passion for what you do, romance) is the foundation of an important life. So you know, love success for Kurt and Blaine is a wonderful, fulfilling, happy thing. (Sorry that was a digression).

Oh gosh - the Hiram and Leroy thing is so heartbreaking!  I think it is both a ‘Rachel really at rock bottom’ thing, as well as a bit of a foil for both the klaine story and the Glee story in general - everything, even the most solid things, are broken. (Definitely not its own story) But how sad!

Do you think Blaine and Dave's relationship, while not an epic romance, will be real? Do you think they want to date each other? Some are speculating it is to make Kurt jealous, but they are together before Kurt gets there.

Yes I absolutely think it’s real. As in, I believe Blaine and Dave will be genuinely dating and like each other. Nothing to do with Kurt.

In fact, as you point out, the spoilers already tell us that. Kurt comes to Lima to get Blaine back at least many months after they break up, and he can’t because Blaine is dating Dave. Which Blaine tells him. This is already something going on before Blaine has any idea that Kurt wants him back. 

I actually like the start of this story  - Blaine is honest, tells Kurt right away, and Kurt is realizing that he wants Blaine. A story with Blaine using Dave to make Kurt (who lives in NY and he broke up with months ago) jealous is just nonsensical pettiness that would be the opposite of character growth…

Of course this could all get complicated if Kurt really pursues Blaine…And anything really is possible.

But fortunately IMO, that’s not the story from what we know.

Me and Glee: The Devil In the Details

For all my general excitement, and the potential fun I see for season 6, even with these spoilers (and I do see LOTS of potential awesome), I want to be clear about where I’m coming from with the positivity.

I love Glee and especially both Kurt and Blaine, individually and together, with great, crazed, fangirl passion.

I do not think Glee is well written. 

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Yogi bear and booboo. So gross!!!


I know this is an unpopular opinion but I am still laughing about it…hilarious. 

There is zero question in my mind that Glee knows how totally vomit inducing it is. Nobody wrote that thinking “Oh wow. This is so romantic and beautiful”. ..I think the use of the beyond cheesetastic pet names in this obviously not epic romance is part of the “this isn’t what the real deal is made of” message. Love is hard and messy and not necessarily cutesy. Anyways. Totally tongue in cheek.

And I just think it’s so ridiculous that it’s funny. Boo boo. Good lord. 

I have a question, maybe I can get your perspective on it. Do you think they'd do another time jump this season, maybe towards the last couple episodes? With hopes that Klaine do get back together and we do see them in head direction that we want them to go(together and professionally) of course. Do you think the writers would give us another time jump?

I think that more likely than a time jump is sort of skewed time generally which makes everything move very fast (like the final 7 eps in NY last season were effectively an entire school year).  I think the 13 eps will take the entire school year and I imagine there will be nationals or whatever competition at the end to tie up that story.

I think Kurt and Blaine will get back together in whatever time line they choose. Some are specc’ing a wedding in the last ep or a flash forward to it in the last ep - I think either is possible (I hope but won’t hold my breath). The fact that Kurt’s motivation for coming to Lima is to get Blaine back is already a start on a reunion narrative (with twists to come I have no doubt). They have skipped the entire break up narrative (thank god) so I think that’s going to happen.

The “six months” already makes no sense at all. Even MJ said “ish” - and the newbies have graduated I guess ?? So that must be at least a year…and it’s been enough time for Kurt and Blaine to move in, fight, break up, Blaine to then let his grades drop to the point that he fails out, and is now back in Lima with a job dating Karofsky…

So like, tbh, this sounds to me like fall 2015, not 2014…which would be not 6 months but more like a year and a few months. I don’t think it will ever be addressed, so I’m just going to go with that.

This is not spec. This would simply be the best thing ever. 

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I have several really lovely and wonderful messages in my inbox and I will answer them all but I’m about to be out for the day with kids etc…

Yes, I’m back. I’m in. For all the cringeworthy and emotional sharp turns, there is enough here that I have excitement.

I'm trying to figure out this "time jump" in my head... Are we figuring fall 2014 or fall 2015? I'm beyond confused, neither of these really amount to 6 months.

I honestly and truly from the bottom of my heart recommend not trying to figure out the timeline as if it makes sense at all. It doesn’t. 

Think of a soap opera where a young child is off screen for three weeks and then comes back all grown up while all other characters have only aged three weeks.

I think the Glee timeline makes as much sense as that. I ‘think’ the point is that Rachel and Blaine have lost their dreams and have returned to Lima after that happens and will start to recover them. There are no further details to understand re: timing. The amount of sense the timing doesn’t make will give you a migraine.

wait a second. if kurt broke off the engagement, and he changed his mind and wants blaine back, does this mean kurt gets to propose to him this time? maybe??

From your mouth to god’s ears….And by god, I mean Ryan Murphy.

I don’t think that Dave is part of Blaine’s fall. I think he’s part of Blaine’s recovery. 

The theme of this season is comeback…There has been a power imbalance between Kurt and Blaine for a few years (Yes, arguably at least somewhat dealt with in season 5 but not entirely)…This is the comeback of Blaine Warbler - literally and figuratively.

Dating someone for himself who isn’t ‘the one’ is okay. Healthy even.

I know some people will just simply always hate Dave Karofsky. But his role in Blaine’s story, I think, is a strengthening one. I hope at least. 

This is apparently a story of Kurt pursuing Blaine. After a while where he sometimes took him for granted. 

daysofsilence said: I fear we won’t get to see Klaine together as a couple (and working things out) until super late in the season (if not ep 12-13) and that we’ll see more of Blaine and Karofsky…and that is seriously breaking my heart. Forget a wedding

Gleekto says:

So once I had accepted the premise of these spoilers, MY big fear is we wouldn’t see Kurt and Blaine interact or have a story AT ALL until like ep 10 and then suddenly BOOM! In love in ep 13 and together forever (see, for example, back half of season 4 followed by the proposal)…While I would take this versus no reunion, I want to see them interact.

So the fact that Kurt comes back to get Blaine back in episode ONE, is actually very heartening to me…I know it will be riddled with challenge but they’re basically already doing the klaine story.

There is no real Karofsky story IMO. They already start off together. Dave is an obstacle, not a story. The pet names aren’t because they’re building up a beautiful epic romance (lol), it’s a tongue in cheek thing to make the audience kind of gag (you can hate or love that Glee does that kind of meta thing but whatever IMO).  

Just a reality check - we are not getting a season of a big Blaine/Dave romance. He’s in for 4 eps (Yes maybe more, but my guess is that that is the plan and he’s at Glee’s discretion as always)…He’s already in ep one…and I think this probably plays out pretty early in the season.

We will definitely not see klaine as a couple and working things out…We saw that in season 5 and that was a GIFT (yes, I HATE the emotional about face but anyways) We will see them eventually get together, sort of work things out maybe, and then be together by end of series. I had already sort of given up on a wedding. But Glee is terrible at process stories. Terrible. 

We have a reunion arc. Kurt wants Blaine. It will happen. I’ll take that for now. Even though, yes, I get it. It sucks. No question.

So I guess it’s really useful to mourn hard and early (that’s why I like knowing better than uncertainty)…Because all I see in the spoilers is that Kurt comes back to Lima to win Blaine back….(Yes I know it’s “too late” in ep one but we all know it isn’t…)

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In conjunction with yesterday’s Glee 6x01 title reveal and song spoilers, I give you episode details.

My inbox has been stuffed with questions, and I tried to answer all of them.

Again, if you use—don’t just cut and paste! Either reblog or link back to my Wordpress blog. I really appreciate that!

Enjoy! Or maybe not.

Lol yes I think the song list is real. By now we all know MJ has real sources. Sometimes things legitimately change (like Starchild being a drag queen) but that doesn’t mean the spoilers aren’t real. Also Lea recorded 5 songs. 

If I think something is suspect, I’ll say it in my tags right away. I generally don’t think what she says is suspect at all. Just subject to change like anything else.