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I just realized that the info about Kurt crying in the bathroom after he finds out hasn’t been posted on Tumblr yet?

Someone on the Glee Forum who is very reliable, they wouldn’t make shit up, was at the location, saw a call sheet and got a few glimpses at that monitor where you see the scenes being filmed.

From what I saw it’s going to be pretty angsty and upsetting but Chris is going to act the hell out of it. I couldn’t hear any of the dialog of course so I don’t know what any of them say but we could see Kurt walking into the bathroom on the monitor.

One more thing, the Scandals scenes take place in Act 5 and Act 6 so they are late in the episode.


Chris was so cute yesterday. After filming wrapped he came outside and started hugging a bunch of crew including Joaquin and he seemed pretty bouncy and cheerful. When he was walking to the van we called his name and he smiled at us and waved.

I think he might be having fun doing the angsty scenes.



I was one of the people at the filming today and I saw a callsheet for the Scandals filming and from what I could tell, based on the scene numbers and the placement of the scenes in the ep, the flashback DOES NOT HAPPEN at the Lima Bean, it happens during the course of Kurt, Blaine (and Karofsky’s) meeting at Scandals. It goes:

Blaine and Kurt meet at Scandals (I’m not sure if they just happen to see each other there or planned to meet, I don’t remember the wording), then Karofsky shows up. Then they talk or whatever (I didn’t see a script so I have no idea what they say to each other or anything like that), then the flashback. I don’t have any info on dialogue or how they say it but Kurt definitely finds out about them at Scandals. 

This matches what I’ve been told, except that it happens at Scandals instead of the Lima Bean. I’ve contacted my sources, but I think, actually, this mystery is solved.

I’m going to update the 6x01 spoiler post on the blog so that it reflects the correct location of the scene. Thanks Stacey!

On the set of “Glee”

On the set of “Glee”

If anyone is in contact on twitter with the fans around, perhaps you could ask them to inquire about what ep the gay bar scene is for….Inquiring minds would like to know.

I think Lea and Darren are actually singing. I think its part of the "suddenly seymour" duet

lol yes of course that makes total sense!

You know I thought so but the outfit Lea is wearing seemed more ‘Lea’ than ‘Rachel’ which made me think only Darren was in costume (obviously ha!)…But yes. You are for sure right. This is Rachel and Blaine singing.



Darren and Lea at the set Of Glee today (Sept, 28th, 2014)

Darren, Max and Chris are filming scenes at Whiskey Bend. (September 18, 2014)


anon submitted:

It’s just Darren and Max for the Scandals scene(s) no Chris in sight, sigh :(

tirpse says:

He could still show up. At least if they film more than one scene. If not, then I am pretty sure all this is is Blaine and Dave reconnecting or something.

So someone commented a bit confusingly on my info post about the filming…So I click and find myself on a blog that seems to spend a bit of time reblogging some posts along the lines of…Wait for it:

Klainers hate Kurt. They’re mostly only unhappy about Blainofsky because they want it to be Sebastian. They love them together.

I’m not sure where to start with the incredibly oxymoronic statement above BUT I do have a theory about the blogs that profess to be Kurt fans but spend 70-90% of their time spewing hate and brilliant creativity such as the post above…

My theory is that they are in love with klaine. They get a little secret jolt of excitement with every lovely kiss ESPECIALLY when Kurt shows his love. It’s like ten year olds who can’t handle a crush so they fight with them instead. It’s all that pent up passion.

Come here, sweet haters. Have some hottest klaine make up sex ever. MWAH!


So I just got confirmation that they are setting up a shoot at ‘Whiskey Bend’, aka SCANDALS…The source is my friend and is 100% legit. They must be doing a night shoot.

Go go go! Please and thank you.

Yes in Burbank.

So I just got confirmation that they are setting up a shoot at ‘Whiskey Bend’, aka SCANDALS…The source is my friend and is 100% legit. They must be doing a night shoot.

Go go go! Please and thank you.